Let's Innovate: Durham (Innovate Durham)

Digital LinCS is all about innovation. We’re in a city of innovation, Durham, North Carolina. A city that has been dubbed the “Startup Hub of the South”, “The City of Medicine” and the city that once was home to Black Wall Street. In fact, with all the new technology, healthcare facilities, and academic centers we have in and around Durham, remnants and the pulse of Black Wall Street are still here. And we, Digital LinCS, want to be apart of that change, that stronger pulse, that vibration that extends beyond the borders of the city, the state and even the country. We are on a mission to Innovate Durham.

Digital LinCS officially became apart of the second cohort of Innovate Durham on Monday August 20th, 2018. Innovate Durham is a county-led initiative to work with local and regional startup tech companies to pilot test their products and services with county residents and departments. In our cohort are 6 other startup companies. Digital LinCS will specifically pilot testing our software with the Durham County Health Department. The prototype -- or as we say in the startup, business-world, the MVP (minimum viable product) -- will be tested in a real-world setting to help uninsured and underinsured people access free and low-cost HIV prevention and treatment medications through the Gilead Patient Assistance Program and the HIV Medication Assistance Programs.

We have 12-weeks to prove the power of Digital LinCS to transform healthcare access for the uninsured. We want to use this time to get feedback and build a better, more human-centered platform for use in the near future. Join us for our public demo and pitch on December 6th with the Innovate Durham program!

This is a great opportunity and exactly what we were hoping to do, but we know this will be hard work! If you see bags under our eyes or don’t see us at all for a while, just know we’re grinding, building, developing and innovating for a better Durham!

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Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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Allison Mathews