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Click on picture above to visit contest website. Deadline to submit entries is May 1, 2019! Must be 18+ years old to participate.

Click on picture above to visit contest website. Deadline to submit entries is May 1, 2019! Must be 18+ years old to participate.

My Voice My Choice is a research project conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. They are launching a crowdsourcing contest via to encourage community members to share their creative ideas on how to promote awareness and uptake of PrEP, a medication that can effectively prevent HIV infection if taken daily.


My Voice My Choice Contest Crowdsourcing Website and Video produced by Community Expert Solutions



ACCESS is part of a research project called searcHIV: The Social and Ethical Aspects of Research on Curing HIV. We are conducting a research study of community members’ ideas for how HIV clinical researchers can give back to the community.

The purpose of this study is to help researchers improve the experiences of HIV clinical trial participants and tailor trials to community members’ needs and concerns.

Contest submissions will be judged by a panel of HIV researchers and community engagement experts. Winning ideas will be announced in March, 2019!



Community Expert Solutions connects people to resources in a more efficient and innovative way. We aim to build our clients' capacity to serve their communities more effectively while promoting health and wealth.



  1. Develop crowdsourcing and other projects that can be used to increase health equity
  2. Build a network of local and international partnerships that enhances outreach and services to current and future, untapped clients  
  3. Generate wealth within marginalized communities by providing opportunities for public investment.


Provide opportunities for people to become gainful contributors in the improvement of health equity while gaining skills, knowledge, and access to resources


Identify and develop products, and deliver services that will transform the status quo and improve health equity


 Provide opportunities for mutually-beneficial collaboration

–social equity

Intentionally hire and train individuals from historically underrepresented and underserved communities

Meet Our Team

Meet our CEO and Founder, Dr. Allison Mathews.

Meet our Project Development Partner, Alexandria Anderson.

Meet our Project Development Partner, Marcus Hawley.


“Creative adaptability is the key to sustainable growth.”

Allison Mathews | Founder



Community Expert Solutions originates from the work done as a part of the 2BeatHIV project. On December 14, 2015, 2BeatHIV launched as a research project funded by an R01 NIH NIAID grant (PIs Tucker/Rennie) and housed at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Allison Mathews founded the 2BeatHIV project after initial consultation from multiple community members, local businesses, and community-based organizations in Durham, NC. 2BeatHIV uses crowdsourcing to identify and develop community-sourced ideas to improve community engagement for HIV cure research. As a result, 2BeatHIV has initiated the development of several community engagement projects, including a campaign about HIV cure research, a campaign to reduce stigma associated with HIV testing, stakeholder video interviews about the challenges and opportunities for HIV cure research, and a series of HIV cure capacity building workshops with community-based organizations.

Community Expert Solutions, LLC is a social entrepreneurship company that uses research, community engagement, social marketing, and crowdsourcing contests to increase public involvement in ending health disparities. The purpose of Community Expert Solutions, LLC is to identify and develop crowdsourced ideas that promote socially responsible projects. Community Expert Solutions is affiliated with SESH Global.


Over 1,000 people engaged in Durham, NC.

USA|China|South Africa|France|UK|Germany|Canada

Over 300K people reached online.

50+ Partnerships with Community Based Organizations, Universities, Clinics, and Hospitals



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Community Expert Solutions project development partners come with an extensive backgrounds in health services, research analysis, entrepreneurship, photography, videography, graphic design, web design, social media engagement, and community engagement. We are able to critically evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization to reach and serve your clients. We will work with you to think about how to strategically expand your network, build the capacity of your organization, and ensure the fulfillment of your mission.


Community engagement

We consult with clients to design, plan and implement community engagement events and conferences to raise awareness about issues that address health disparities. We have successfully hosted national and regional academic conferences, concerts, community forums, vendor fairs, the official World AIDS Day and HIV Cure Research Days for Durham, NC.


Capacity Building and Professional Development Workshops

We assist clients in facilitating collaboration and coordinating efforts between relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to: community-based organizations, medical treatment organizations and providers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, policy-makers, clinical scientists, people living with and impacted by health disparities, local businesses.


Crowdsourcing contests

We consult with organizations to design and evaluate crowdsourcing contests. A crowdsourcing contest is a type of an intervention that uses community engagement and a bottom-up approach to solving problems.

We help clients identify, develop, and adapt measurement tools to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of crowdsourcing contests for health-related community engagement.

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Translational Research

We develop dynamic research dissemination tools, including infographic handouts and professionally edited video shorts to translate scientific findings into accessible material for public consumption.

Online content Production

We have an experienced videography and photography team who can assist clients with creating professional video and photo content for their online sites. We also provide in-house graphic design and web design services.

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Strategic partnerships

We are invested in helping community groups develop their ideas into revenue generating projects. If you have a great idea or need help getting to the next level, we provide consultation on how to grow your business and develop strategic partnerships with corporate and fiscal sponsors.


Qualitative Research

We also provide consulting services to organizations, businesses, and institutions to design, implement and evaluate qualitative research projects. We have expertise in qualitative methods, recruitment, qualitative data analysis, and academic writing for peer-review publication.

Public Speaking

Speech Topics: Entrepreneurship, Community Organizing, Crowdsourcing and Innovation, HIV Cure and Prevention Research, Higher Education, Strategic Partnerships, Race and Health Equity, Intersectionality