Am I Under-insured?

Do you have health insurance, but are not able to afford the out-of-pocket payments that are not covered by your insurer? If so, you may be underinsured. Underinsured is a term that refers to someone who has insurance, but their coverage may not cover the full expenses of a claim.

Know that you are not alone. A report by CNN Money in 2009 showed that nearly 25 million Americans are underinsured, and this number is increasing. The large number of underinsured in the US is a large public health crisis. Large numbers of patients are facing obstacles associated with high medical costs & the stress this causes is also adversely affecting their health.

So what does this mean?

The reality of being underinsured is that you may face difficulty when you interact with the health care system. Routine check-ups and physicals become a little harder. This means your health can be vulnerable even though you are paying money every month to insurer it.

What can I do?

There are many programs & organizations whose mission is to aid the underinsured in navigating the health care system. They realize that you may not just be worried about having access to medications. You may need financial assistance, access to mental health services, need access to food assistance programs, and other wrap-around services. There are also clinics that offer financial assistance to people who don't have health insurance or are underinsured.

Our blog features all of these resources. In other words, do not worry. There are resources for you & Digital LinCS will connect you to them!


Allison Mathews